Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide Note To His Fiancee Has Been Released: ‘You’re Rich!’

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Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

This is my third Aaron Hernandez post of the day. I’m triple murdering myself in Aaron Hernandez content, and by God, this will surely be my last (1st post: Hernandez’s disciplinary records, 2nd post: prison nicknames). If he resurrects today, you’ll have to hear about it through your church’s minister, not here.

Anyhoo, prosectors made public the letter the convicted murderer wrote to his fiancée Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez before he hanged himself in his cell on April 19.


The “you’re rich” part at the end fuels the speculation that Hernandez killed himself to expose a loophole in Massachusetts state law.

Hernandez allegedly told a fellow inmate that he heard a rumor that his murder conviction could be vacated by his death. A murder conviction which is in the appeals process can be vacated if the person involved dies before the appeals process is over.

As a result of dying innocent (technically), the Patriots cannot (technically) justify firing him and keeping what’s left of his salary ($6 mil). Thus, the team may need to pony us the cash to the beneficiary of Hernandez’s estate (Shay). Snake it till you make it.

Have a good weekend bros!

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