Aaron Rodgers’ Contract Talks May Reveal His Long-Term Plans With Jets

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / Elsa

The New York Jets are preparing for the 2023 season surrounded by a ton of excitement after trading for Aaron Rodgers.

However, his current contract situation could spell doom for the franchise by next year. For that reason, they’re negotiating a new deal with the star quarterback.

Reports of New York discussing contract talks with Aaron Rodgers first came to light in early May. But the organization has yet to come to an agreement with Rodgers.

According to Pro Football Talk, “Aaron Rodgers did his former team a solid on the way out the door, agreeing to push the entirety of his $58.3 million fully-guaranteed option bonus to 2024.”

This problem is one for the Jets to deal with now, as they’d like to create more cap space for the 2024 offseason.

But it’s unclear how long Rodgers plans to play for New York. This makes the restructure incredibly important for the Jets. Especially if they hope for him to remain with the team beyond this season.

“With a total of $107.55 million over the next two years due and payable to Rodgers, the final structure of the contract could shed considerable light on whether he’s all in for the next two years,” per Pro Football Talk.

With that in mind, New York would probably love to have a superstar quarterback under center for at least the next two seasons. But the contract Aaron Rodgers is currently under makes it difficult for the Jets to build the roster next offseason.

It’s also not a great sign for negotiations to take this long. Hopefully, a deal can be reached now that summer is upon us.

Once that happens, New York should be able to focus solely on one thing. Winning the Super Bowl.