NFL Fans Call B.S. On Aaron Rodgers After He Said He Was ‘Disappointed’ That News Leaked Of His Rift With Packers While At The Kentucky Derby

Aaron Rodgers made his way to the Kentucky Derby on Saturday and he’s apparently trying to absolve himself from all the public drama that has unfolded between him and the Packers but fans aren’t buying it.

Earlier this week immediately before the start of the NFL draft, someone leaked to the media that Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay.

It has since been revealed that Rodgers is currently beefing with Packers GM Brian Gutekunst because he’s still mad at the team for drafting Jordan Love.

While at Churchill Downs for the Derby, Rodgers gave Mike Tirico a brief off-camera interview in which he said he was “disappointed that news has come out of this rift with the Packers.”

NFL fans immediately called B.S. on Rodgers because many believe it was his team leaking all the info to the media.