Aaron Rodgers Can’t Help But Laugh At Reporter Joking About The Packers Not Listening To Him

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If you’re still unclear why Aaron Rodgers put the Packers on ice all offseason while he drank from a coconut with Miles Teller on a tropical island, allow the following to serve as a microcosm:

Aaron Rodgers, Sept. 3, 2020: “Jake Kumerow has been such a solid performer for us the last couple of years. I love his reliability. I think he’s a fantastic, steady player who’s very heady on and off the field…He makes plays, he plays with a lot of confidence and he’s a guy you love having on the squad.”

Green Bay Packers, Sept. 5, 2020: Cut Jake Kumerow.

Despite Rodgers’ very public criticism of his organization failing time-after-time to heed his advice, the 37-year-old is back for his 17th year under center in Green Bay.

ESPN‘s Packers beat reporter Rob Demovsky made the courageous decision to joke about the thorny QB’s biggest insecurity with the team, directly to his face.

Context: Rodgers recently heaped praised upon former BYU star defensive end and Packers sixth string tight end

“Our tight end, Bronson Kaufusi, I love him. One of the happiest guys ever.”

“I can’t wait to see what Kaufusi does in Buffalo this year.”

“Jesus, Bob.”

I haven’t seen Rodgers chuckle this emphatically since he outed himself for not knowing the All-Decade tight end LaVern Dilweg, who helped the Packers secure NFL championships in 1929, ’30, and ’31. Duh.

Strong “Coach’s Son” x Supercuts vibe coming from LaVern here:


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