NFL Insider Believes There Is Only 1 Team Aaron Rodgers Would Push Back Retirement For

NFL star Aaron Rodgers

Getty Image / Patrick McDermott

Now that his darkness retreat has come to an end, football fans once again find themselves expecting an announcement from Aaron Rodgers on his plans for his future.

With the Green Bay Packers ready to move on from Rodgers, whether or not he will play next season isn’t the only question that needs to be answered.

We also have to wait and find out where he’ll play if he does return.

It seems we now have our answer to that question.

Today, ESPN’s Adam Schefter revealed that he believes Rodgers will either retire or play for the New York Jets.

Here’s what he had to say on SportsCenter (via Bleacher Report):

My sense is there continues to be more and more signs about him leaving Green Bay. And I think in the end, my sense is ultimately it will come down to whether he wants to play elsewhere, which would be really the New York Jets, or whether he wants to retire. To me, those are the two most logical options and the two most likely scenarios here. But again, we have not heard from Aaron Rodgers himself.

We have heard the Packers talk about Jordan Love and how much belief they have in him and how much progress he’s made. And I think he’s their quarterback of the future here, clearly. And they continue to wait for the decision from Aaron Rodgers, who knows that at some point in time, he’s said the Packers have had conversations about him with other teams. And that’s why I believe that it’s going to either be the New York Jets or retirement in the end. And we’ll show how this shakes out, but there’s nothing yet from Aaron Rodgers. It has to come soon.

We are basically under two weeks until the start of the league year. We await his word and at some point, something’s going to have to happen here because Derek Carr’s waiting to see where’s Aaron Rodgers wants to go. These teams need decisions from the quarterbacks and everything right now is being hung up while we wait to hear from No. 12.

This will be disappointing to hear for any other team who badly needed a quarterback and thought Rodgers might be the answer.

It’s even worse news for Derek Carr, who had to be hoping Rodgers would head to Vegas and leave all other options open for him.

It’s not surprising, though. Heading to the Jets is the best option Rodgers has right now. They have a defense that is ready to compete right now and an offense that could be really impressive with competent quarterback play.

If this really is the case, then fans now just have to wait to find out if Aaron Rodgers wants to continue playing football, not where he’d be doing it.