Aaron Rodgers Takes A Shot At Refs Over Game-Clinching Pass Interference Penalty ‘I Think It Was A Bad Call’


Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers wasn’t happy with the officiating during the NFC championship game on Sunday.

In the final series of the game, the Bucs were able to get a game-clinching first down after a pass interference call went against Packers defensive back Kevin King for holding Tyler Johnson’s jersey.

While speaking to the media after the game, Rodgers blasted the refs and said he didn’t think the pass interference penalty was a good call because he felt that officials hadn’t thrown the flag on a similar play against the Bucs earlier in the game. Rodgers went on to argue that the pass thrown by Brady wasn’t catchable which would have negated the pass interference call.

I think it was a bad call,” “I think there were a few opportunities for some plays down the field for us that weren’t called. Just surprised that call in that situation was made. You know we get the ball back with probably 1:35 and a timeout with a chance to win the game and go to the Super Bowl. It didn’t look like it was even catchable. So, yeah, that was a bad call.”

It’s hard to argue against the pass interference call when it was pretty clear King held Johnson on the play.