Aaron Rodgers Promises To Actually Show Up At Some Practices This Offseason

Jets QB Aaron Rodgers

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While it’s only been about a week since Aaron Rodgers officially became a member of the New York Jets, the future Hall of Fame quarterback has been virtually everywhere recently.

From Knicks and Rangers games to his usual appearances on The Pat McAfee Show, if you’re a sports fan, it’s almost been difficult to avoid Rodgers in recent days and weeks.

One place you can go if you do want to avoid Rodgers, though, is the New York Jets practice facility, as the 39-year-old signal-caller recently said that he’ll only be showing up at about “more than half” of the remaining offseason practices.

During Tuesday’s appearance with Pat McAfee, Rodgers made it clear that his attendance won’t remain perfect. Rodgers said he’ll be present for “more than half” of the remaining offseason workouts.

On one hand, that’s a lot more than he has attended in recent years in Green Bay. On the other hand, it’s far from the level of involvement needed to get Rodgers comfortable with new teammates and, more importantly, to get new teammates comfortable with him. [via ProFootballTalk]

As noted by ProFootballTalkshowing up to half of the offseason program would mark a major step up for Rodgers, who famously shirked those responsibilities in Green Bay in recent years.

What makes this year different for Rodgers, however, is that he now has the extra motivation of trying to prove the Green Bay Packers wrong and make them regret their decision to move on from him in favor of Jordan Love.

The sooner that Rodgers integrates himself into the Jets offense, the better, as the team is expected to qualify for the NFL playoffs for the first time in over a decade, as the franchise hasn’t made the postseason since 2010, which is good for the longest current playoff drought in the NFL.

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