‘Absolute Maldives’ Is Three Glorious Minutes Of Slow-Mo HD Surfing Chicks In Bikinis Tanned To Perfection

A while back I brought you bros footage of ‘This Is Tahiti‘, a video produced by Brazilian bikini company KALOEA which featured some of the sexiest surfing footage I’ve ever seen. Well, KALOEA is back with another video, one which they were kind enough to send me, and GOODNESS GRACIOUS the chicks in this video are nearly perfect. I guess I just never realized that both the women and the surfing in The Maldives are perfect, I always assumed it was one or the other.

I’ve always wanted to visit The Maldives at some point in my life but have been very put off by the 18.5-hour flight time from the East Coast. That’s losing an entire day of your life just to travel. Now, after I’ve seen these perfectly bronzed surfers tearing up the waters of The Maldives I’m making it my life’s goal to get there within the next 5 years. I’ve dived all over the world and never have I seen a school of parrot fish that large before, I cannot even begin to fathom the biodiversity on the coral reefs there.

Once again, I want to send a big shout out to KALOEA for making some of the best surfing videos on the planet. Now, before we sign off, let’s check out that action once more in GIF:

And if you want more footage like this be sure to check out ‘This Is Tahiti’

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