Baseball Fans React In Awe To Adam Ottavino’s Slider That Left Adam Duvall Looking Ridiculous At The Plate

Baseball Fans React To Adam Ottavino's Slider Against Adam Duvall

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  • Adam Ottavino is the proud owner of an absolutely ridiculous slider.
  • Atlanta’s Adam Duvall isn’t a fan of it.
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New York Mets reliever Adam Ottavino may throw one of the nastiest sliders in baseball history, just ask Adam Duvall. The Atlanta Braves outfielder had quite the view of the pitch on Tuesday afternoon.

Ottavino took the mound for New York in the sixth inning of Tuesday’s contest looking to hold off the Braves, who managed to score three runs in the fifth frame.

The reliever made easy work of both Travis Demeritte and Dansby Swanson to start the inning, but then came the pitch against Duvall.

Ottavino’s slider began on the outside corner of the plate, but ended up well outside of the strike zone leaving Duvall looking absolutely ridiculous following his decision to swing.

If only Duvall’s bat was about three feet longer he may have had a chance at making contact.

While it’s always more fun to see hits and home runs at the ballpark, seeing a pitcher do that with a baseball is just as entertaining. People can’t do that with a whiffle ball in their hand, let alone an actual baseball.

Duvall ended up striking out in the at-bat, and yes, Ottavino got the K throwing all sliders.

Baseball Fans React To Adam Ottavino’s Nasty Slider