Adam Schefter Thinks That The Chargers Should Move To Mexico City

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The Los Angeles Chargers are in their third season of playing at a soccer stadium that holds 27,000 that they can’t even fill with fans. To say things between the Chargers and Los Angeles have gone horribly since the team’s move from San Diego in 2017 would be an understatement.

Simply put, people in Los Angeles simply don’t care about the Chargers. It doesn’t help that they share a city with a Rams team that went to the Super Bowl last year nor does the fact they play in a terribly small stadium in Carson, Calif. make things easier, but this team is a forgotten one when it comes to the LA sports scene.

It’s pretty clear where a good majority of their fans live, however, and that’s Mexico City.

The Chargers took on the Chiefs in Mexico City on Monday night and the place was covered with Chargers supporters. While it’s not hard to upstage the fans we see at their home games in California, the fans in Mexico City truly were at a different level and ESPN’s Adam Schefter is under the opinion the franchise should move to the capital city.

While London is always the international city brought up when it comes to where an NFL team may re-locate, Mexico City clearly looked ready to support an NFL franchise on Monday night from a fan’s standpoint.

The NFL has reportedly had discussions about moving the Chargers to London, but Schefter’s idea certainly isn’t a bad one.

The Chargers-Chiefs matchup drew over 76,000 fans at the Estadio Azteca which holds over 87,000 people.

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