Adrien Broner Blasts Floyd Mayweather As ‘Lame F*ck Boy’ During Nasty 10-Minute Rant


The war of words between WBA super-lightweight champion Adrien Broner and recently retired and undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. just went next level, as Broner just tossed out some serious fightin’ words on Money and his entire TMT crew in a vicious 10-minute rant.

Here’s the quick backstory: After Broner trashed Mayweather’s TMT by saying, “Fuck the money team” during a recent interview, Mayweather fired back by saying the super-lightweight champ should be thanking his gang for everything they did to help Broner during his career, with Floyd adding that Adrien had “a lot of growing up to do.”

Once considering Mayweather to be “like a brother,” word is the guy won’t even acknowledge Broner’s calls or texts, causing Adrien to record himself blasting Floyd in the most epic way possible. Here’s just a snippet of the fire he threw, per Edward Chaykovsky of Boxing Scene:

“What you did was no player shit that you did. That was no live shit. That was some lame fuck boy shit. You went on the internet and sent out a message talking about someone that you put on record as your little brother, somebody that you said you love and cared for and wanted to look after him, and then you try to diss him to the public. That ain’t no cool shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I could have said that bullshit that I said in a different way. But we spoke about this before you even put that shit out, you knew I wasn’t talking about you. I would never disrespect you. Because when it comes to boxing, you’re amazing. There might not be another Floyd Mayweather. But at the end of the day, as a person, you’re fucked up. You falling out with some of the realest n—-s you got around you. At the end of the day, all I wanted from you is to teach me to do what you did or surpass what you did. That all I wanted. I just wanted to learn from you. All that other shit is weak…

What the fuck was that weak ass message for, Floyd. I just feel that you’re way bigger than that. Why would you make a message to little Adrien Broner man. Am I that important to you Floyd? You told me to grow up, n—a you got some fucking growing up to do and you’re older than me.”

Damn, cuz, Broner’s talking a big game, so we’ll have to see how all of this shit pans out between the two.

[H/T TMZ Sports, Bad Left Hook, Bleacher Report]

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