Adrien Broner Continues To Be The Biggest Douchebag In Sports



Floyd Mayweather’s protégé Adrien Broner aka “About Billions” is by far the biggest douchebag in sports. We all remember his “Everyone CAN get it ” rant from a few years ago but last night he took his douchebaggery to another level.

The fight started with Broner busting out “The Whip” dance before the fight.

Then after he was getting whipped by Shawn Porter for most of the fight, Broner started to resort to bush league tactics.

Here he’s toying with Porter by stretching out his arms in Porter’s face.


During the seventh round of fight, Broner threw not one, but two no-look punches at Porter and somehow wasn’t deducted a point.

Eventually referee Tony Weeks took away a point from Broner in the eleventh round for pulling Porter’s head down.

Even after Broner lost the fight decisively, he still made a joke about taking out Porter’s girlfriend to dinner in the post fight interview.

After the fight, Floyd Mayweather said that Broner needed to grow up and mature. You know you have problems when Floyd Mayweather is telling you to tone it down.

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