Advanced Stats Reveal Julio Jones Was Astoundingly Fast During ‘SNF’

Advanced Stats Reveal Julio Jones Was Astoundingly Fast During 'SNF'

Getty Image / Tom Pennington

NFL fans watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers face the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football were in awe of 45-year-old Tom Brady throwing passes to 33-year-old Julio Jones.

Brady is now the oldest quarterback in NFL history, the oldest MVP, oldest Super Bowl MVP, and the oldest QB to be selected to a Pro Bowl. And 7-time Pro Bowler Julio Jones has been one of the league’s most dangerous wide receivers for over a decade and nobody could’ve ever imagined he’d wind up at a Falcons rival catching passes from the GOAT. But here we are.

Advanced stats reveal Buccaneers WR Julio Jones was astonishingly fast on ‘Sunday Night Football’ and it wasn’t just your imagination playing tricks on you.

Anyone watching SNF saw Julio Jones looking as fast as ever. There was a lot of chatter on Twitter about it. Some people figured it was just their imaginations acting up because he’s 33 years old and coming off a lackluster year with the Tennessee Titans. But he looked SHARP, and advanced stats revealed it wasn’t just clever camerawork:

Faster than the entire Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver corps?!

How fast is Julio Jones? This fast:

Julio reached the 7th fastest of any ball carrier in Week 1. He reached top speeds of 20.62 MPH on his 48-yard reception and 19.98 MPH on his 12-yard rush. He clocked 2 of his 3 fastest speeds since 2020 against the Dallas Cowboys. HE’S BACK. Here’s a look at how Julio Jones was playing last night if you missed it:

NFL fans had jokes about how fast Julio was in his Tampa Bay Buccaneers debut.

It’s that TB12 method:

I’m sitting here asking myself why I’m not on the TB12 method yet:

Tampa Bay has plenty of depth at wide receiver which means Julio Jones will get opportunities to rest when he needs it:

Is it possible the Buccaneers actually improved the team’s offense over last year?!

One can’t help but imagine just how next-level good the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense would be if Rob Gronkowski suddenly decided to come out of retirement. It would also be surreal to see Gronk, Brady, and Julio dominating defenses who were in elementary school when Brady was winning Super Bowls.

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