Fans React To AJ Brown’s Warning Shot To The Philadelphia Front Office

AJ Brown catches a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

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Wide receiver AJ Brown has some strong feelings about his quarterback’s future in Philly. The pass catcher was heard threatening the Eagles’ front office in a recent interview.

The comments have now gone viral on social media, catching the attention of NFL fans.

Brown just finished up his first season in the City of Brotherly Love, hauling in 88 catches for 1,496 yards and a team-high 11 scores. He helped the Eagles land an NFC title and Super Bowl appearance, though Philadelphia came up just shy of an NFL championship after falling in the final game to the Chiefs, 38-35.

The wideout was a large part of the team’s success, as he helped revamp an offense that finished third in the league in scoring.

Philly was nearly unstoppable for large portions of the 2022 season, boasting a potent passing game with Jalen Hurts, DeVonta Smith, and AJ Brown, as well as a record setting rushing attack.

While the organization has to feel good about the quick ascent up the NFL standings, there are still questions that need to be answered ahead of the 2023 campaign.

One of those unanswered questions is the status of Jalen Hurts’ contract extension.

Many are reporting that the Eagles are poised to give the passer a hefty new deal in the range of “$50 million or more.”

“I expect the Eagles to work to sign quarterback Jalen Hurts to an extension early in the offseason. They know the price has likely gone to $50 million a year or more, and with Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow and the Chargers’ Justin Herbert also extension-eligible this summer, and a Lamar Jackson megadeal still possible, the prices at the top of the QB market could ratchet up quickly.” – Dan Graziano, ESPN

An extension is expected to happen soon, but if it doesn’t, Philly could have another problem on its hands.

AJ Brown said in a recent interview that he’d leave the team if they didn’t pay Hurts.

“[If] you do not pay this man, just ship me off wherever he’s fixing to go. So, you talk about pressure, Howie [Roseman] get it done.”

While the comments are made somewhat in jest, there has to be some truth behind the feelings. After all, he just had a nasty split with the Titans over contract negotiations of his own.

That move allowed him to upgrade from Ryan Tannehill to Jalen Hurts, which resulted in career highs in both receptions and yards. He’s not ready to see that production go.

Many fans were quick to comment, posting their reactions to the remarks online.

One person wrote, “If the Eagles paid Wentz, they’ll pay Hurts.”

Another said, “AJ Brown holding another franchise hostage if they do not meet his demands…”

When all is said and done, we’re betting both Hurts and Brown will be happy with the outcome. Look for the Eagles to quickly negotiate that extension as they hope to lock their QB-WR tandem in for the long run.