AJ Brown Reacts To Miles Sanders Calling The Philadelphia Eagles An ‘All-Star Team’


Getty Image / Mitchell Leff

  • Earlier this week, Miles Sanders called the Philadelphia Eagles an “All-Star team”
  • Today, AJ Brown responded to that comment
  • He had a much more measured opinion of his team

Miles Sanders made headlines earlier this week when he made a comment that reminded Philadelphia Eagles fans of an ill-advised comment from their past.

Sanders referred to the Eagles’ current roster as an “All-Star team”, a comment that was a little bit too close to the infamous Vince Young “Dream Team” comment for comfort.

Oh man. We all feel like we’re on an all-star team, so we feel great. We feel unstoppable, I’m not gonna lie. The vibes are great, always have been. Nick Sirianni is doing a great job just keeping the vibes right, the chemistry good. We compete a lot in practice. But we’ve gotta see. It’s gonna come down to camp, taking it day by day, putting everything together.

Today, Sanders’ new teammate, AJ Brown responded to that comment and revealed a take on the current Eagles roster that is much less likely to be something opposing fans can make fun of later.

Brown’s addition to this Eagles roster is a big reason why the hopes are so high in Philadelphia right now. The Eagles have struggled for years to find a top-tier receiver for their quarterbacks to throw to, repeatedly whiffing in the draft.

That’s no longer the case with Brown and Devonta Smith at receiver. Now Jalen Hurts just needs to make the most of these weapons for the Eagles to really turn into an “All-Star team”.