AJ Green’s Face On The Sidelines After Another Miserable Bengals Loss Became An Instant Meme

AJ Green

Getty Image / Timothy Ludwig

On paper, the NFL’s Week 4 Monday Night Football matchup was atrocious. They had two winless teams (both 0-3) as the only team playing on Monday night and that meant the crew had to build it up as a ‘bitter rivalry’ game which is really the only possible way you can hype a matchup of two bottom feeders.

The Pittsburgh Steelers secured their first win of the season, moved to 1-3, put up 27 points against the lowly Bengals, and most importantly the Steelers extended their streak to 17 straight Monday Night Football wins at home. The Bengals never had a chance in that game for two reasons: (1) Andy Dalton and (2) A.J. Green.

Andy Dalton was 21/37 for 171 yards, zero TDs, and 1 interception. He rushed for 8-yards throughout the game and the Bengals top RB Joe Mixon didn’t really bail him out by only putting up 62 yards on the ground himself. Noticeably absent from the game, again, was 7-time Pro Bowler A.J. Green.

A.J. Green injured ligaments in his left ankled on the first day of pre-season and has been sidelined ever since. He’s pretty close to returning to action with most timetables saying he’s anywhere from 2-4 weeks away. Here’s Green working out during pregame. As you can see, he’s agile and pretty close to a return (memes are below by the way):

Green was on the sidelines for Monday Night Football and his reaction to the Bengals 3-27 loss in Pittsburgh was immediately flipped into Monday’s best meme. Check it out…

Unfortunately for any Bengals fans out there, this man speaks the truth:

A.J. Green is one of the most impactful players in the NFL. His presence on the field changes how the defense approaches each play. But the Cincinnati Bengals offense is straight up atrocious this season and one player isn’t going to turn that around, not this year or next.