Al Horford Signed With Celtics Because He Didn’t Want To Play With Dwight Howard In Atlanta


It seems like main driving force behind Al Horford joining the Boston Celtics this offsseason was his dislike of Dwight Howard.

According to multiple reports, Horford did not want to play with the former Rockets center who signed with Hawks just a few days ago.

Via Ken Berger of CBS Sports

Factor No. 1, according to league sources: Horford was none too pleased with how reluctant the Hawks were to come forward with a full five-year max.

Factor No. 2: Atlanta’s signing of Dwight Howard. Could there be a more contradicting force in the NBA to Horford than Howard, in terms of substance vs. style?
“He didn’t want to play with Dwight,” a person familiar with the situation told CBS Sports.


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