Alabama Just Offered A Full Football Scholarship To An Eighth Grader

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The only thing in high school that deters hormone-raging students from burning the place to the ground is the prospect of getting into college. If real life began after high school, I would have never hesitated to write ‘PENIS’ on the white board or funnel a beer in the dance circle at prom. We are only as obedient as our number of college opportunities.

Now imagine have entering 9th grade already knowing that every college in the country would do shameful things for you to attend it. Oh, and for free.

Then you would know what it’s like to be Kiyaunta Goodwin. The 6’7″, 370-pounder from Louisville, Kentucky graduates high school in 2022 but has already received five verbal scholarship offers from schools like Georgia, Louisville, Kentucky, LSU, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Western Kentucky, and most recently, the reigning national champion University of Alabama.

Goodwin received the scholarship just one day after he received a full ride to Florida State.

To give you a little perspective on size, this Goodwin standing next to Anthony Munoz, a 6’6” Hall of Fame offensive lineman who is widely considered one of the greatest at his position of all-time.

A profile of Goodwin on Bleacher Report  describes his visit to Ohio State at the age of 13:

…the assistant coaches marveled at his size. It wasn’t until he pulled out a Ring Pop and began sucking on it unprompted that he revealed his true age.

Goodwin can reportedly leg press 1,000 pounds and bench press 315 pounds and a quick reminder, he is in JUNIOR FUCKING HIGH.

“He’s going to be the No. 1 tackle in the nation,” Stephen Herron Jr., a Michigan commit who competes against Goodwin in drills said. “It’s just not fair to be that big and that strong at his age.”

“If he stays healthy, he’s going to go to the NFL,” says Rondale Moore, a star wide receiver and Purdue signee in the Class of 2018, per 247Sports.

If Kiyaunta Goodwin stays healthy and hungry, we could be hearing his name for many years to come.

[h/t Larry Brown Sports]

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