Alex Caruso Says LeBron’s ‘Gotta Watch Out’ With His In-Game Chest Bumps, Which Definitely Look Like They Hurt

alex caruso lebron chest bumps

Getty Image / Stacy Revere

There are always a few odd things that stand out in sports that make you think ‘damn, that’s got to hurt.’ Football players throwing punches at a guy wearing a helmet probably tops the list, pushing each other over during a celebration because you’re so hyped up is another one.

Taking an aggressive chest bump from 6-foot-8, 250 pound Lebron James is up there as well when you’re a guard about half his size. The fact we don’t see teammates falling over every other night is remarkable.

Lakers guard Alex Caruso confirmed the theory that James’ in-game chest bumps legitimately hurt. Caruso is making plays for Los Angeles and LeBron is taking notice, but the chest bump is taking a bit of a toll.

Caruso, who weighs 186 pounds, looks like he’s adapted a bit in leading with a bit of his shoulder, but he still joked after the game that LeBron’s got to watch himself with it.

“Bron’s gotta watch out, he doesn’t understand the physics of that. He’s got like 60 to 80 pounds on me … But he gets hype, and I get hype and we just roll with it. I did a good job of just kinda rolling out of that so I didn’t take the full hit.”

Caruso is averaging less than 18 minutes per game and fewer than four points per night, but that isn’t keeping James from celebrating with the Texas A&M product any chance he can get.

The Lakers hold the best record in the NBA at this point in the season at 6-1.