Alexander Volkanovski Not Giving Up Double Champ Hopes Just Yet

Alexander Volkanovski

Getty Image / Paul Kane

UFC 289 is right around the corner and it sounds like Alexander Volkanovski’s eyes will be glued to the television for that card.

The main reason being, Charles Oliveira and Beneil Dariush are facing off in a massive lightweight bout. Whoever wins, is in line for a title shot against Islam Makhachev.

However, for Alexander, it appears he still has desires of becoming a double champ one day. But he also realizes timing is key.

According to MMA Fighting, Volk loves the matchup between Oliveira and Dariush. Whoever wins deserves a title shot.

Meanwhile, Alexander Volkanovski is watching from the distance already sizing up his potential competition for another chance at becoming the champ champ.

“This is a massive fight. We all know that Beneil deserves a shot at the title. Probably deserved it before but I had to do my thing and I still plan on doing something so you never know what’s happening there.”

This should be an amazing brawl. But it appears the lightweight division is becoming top heavy. Especially with Volkanovski hanging around for another possible opportunity.

In the end, the current featherweight champion makes his prediction for Saturday night’s fight, per MMA Fighting.

“My pick would be a Charles Oliveira TKO and Charles has something to prove. He wants that title back and I think he’s gonna go out there and come swinging. So, he’s gonna really look for that finish. Beneil again, very durable, very tough, he’s hard to finish, but it could happen. It’s gonna be a very close fight. ‘’m almost 50-50 on it. The odds probably favor Charles and that’s why I’m leaning to him as a pick.”

The winner is slated to fight Makhachev on October 21 in Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, Volkanovski is set to fight Yair Rodríguez at UFC 290.

Based on the timelines, Oliveira, Dariush, and Volkanovski will be ready to face off against Islam Makhachev. But the question remains, who will it be?

Here’s what Alexander Volkanovski had to say about the timing of it all.

“Let’s see what’s next for the winner because you know I still want that lightweight title,. It’s something that’s definitely there. It’s just the timing. Does the winner of this one quickly get a fight in then I fight the winner a little bit later? The timing still works for that. So, whatever the best timing is, you know I’m up for.”

Keep an eye on the lightweight belt, as it sounds like Makhachev will have plenty of opponents calling his name come October.