Alleged Chess Cheater Gets Full Body Scan Before Match


Getty Image / Tim Vizer

The chess world has recently dealt with a whole lot more scandal than you would expect to see in the world of chess and just about all of that scandal has centered around Hans Niemann.

Niemann recently defeated grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, who has been the world’s #1 player for more than a decade, at the Sinquefield Cup. The two were set for a rematch in the next round, but Carlsen withdrew from the tournament before the match.

This withdrawal led to speculation that Carlsen believed that Niemann had cheated in their match. Speculation began about just how he could have been cheating and one wild theory gained quite a bit of popularity. That theory was that Niemann was using anal beads to cheat.

While that theory has yet to be proven, there have been even more cheating allegations that have arisen since. This week, the Wall Street Journal reported that he had likely cheated in more than 100 online chess matches.

Hans Niemann cheating allegations lead to heightened attention from officials before chess match

Today, Niemann was back in action at the US Championships and officials at the tournament decided they needed proof he wasn’t cheating before he competed. They gave him a full body scan before a match today to ensure he wasn’t hiding anything that could be used to cheat.

It’s a weird time in the chess world right now.

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