New York Jets Wide Receiver Allen Lazard Eases Fans’ Minds With Comments About Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets feels like a foregone conclusion at this points.

Rodgers has been linked with the Jets for weeks now and even flat out stated that he expects to play in New York next season.

But there’s one big problem standing in the way of that happening. Rodgers is still under contract with the Green Bay Packers. And the Packers have no intention of letting the four-time NFL MVP walk for free.

So what’s a Jets fan to do?

Well, worry. That’s what.

The Jets don’t really have a backup plan if Rodgers doesn’t end up in New York. Jimmy Garoppolo is officially a member of the Las Vegas Raiders. Derek Carr signed with the New Orleans Saints, and Lamar Jackson seems like a pipe dream.

So it appears that it’s Rodgers or bust for the franchise that hasn’t made the NFL playoffs since 2010. But never fear, Jets fans. Allen Lazard is here to ease your nerves.

Allen Lazard Reveals Aaron Rodgers Was A ‘Big Reason’ He Joined The Jets

Lazard, who played the first five seasons of his NFL career with Rodgers in Green Bay, signed a four-year deal with New York in free agency.

Now he’s saying what most fans assumed was obvious. He signed the deal fully expecting Rodgers to join him in New York.

“There’s no worry on my end,” said the 27-year-old receiver, who inked a four-year, $44 million contract with the Jets. “Especially knowing that Aaron has his full-on commitment to being a New York Jet this year.” – via TMZ Sports

Interestingly, Lazard also said that Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett was the “biggest piece of the puzzle” for him joining the Jets. Hackett, who failed miserably as the Denver Broncos head coach in 2022, was Lazard’s offensive coordinator in Green Bay from 2019-2021.

For Jets fans’ sake, here’s hoping they don’t have to watch Lazard catch passes from Zach Wilson in a Nathaniel Hackett offense in 2023.