Alonzo Mourning Shares A Wild Story About Attending A Party Thrown By Prince At Paisley Park

Alonzo Mourning Shares Story About Attending Party At Princes House

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There are so many great stories surrounding the life of one Prince Rogers Nelson it’s a crying shame that he passed away at the age of just 57 in 2016.

Not only was Prince a legend in the music industry, he was also a legend as a human being.

Prince lived a truly unique life, and because of that, anyone who crossed paths with him almost always has a great story to tell.

One of those people is NBA Hall of Famer Alonzo Mourning, who shared his wild Prince story on Legends Live with Trill Withers.

The party at Prince’s Paisley Park in Minnesota, according to Mourning, took place during his first trip to the NBA All-Star Game, which would put it at a time when Prince was peak Prince.

Mourning says he didn’t play in the game because he was injured, but he most definitely remembered the “festivities.”

“There was snow on the ground up to your knees and I remember going out on Friday night,” recalled Mourning. “Prince had a party at Paisley Park, his studio, and everybody was dressed up, but there was snow on the ground trying to get into this place. And I’m gonna tell you, man, it was probably the livest party I ever been to my whole career.

“I mean, Prince came down from the ceiling. He was in a cage, you know? It was lowered down to the stage and he put on his performance, he sang Purple Rain, he had no shirt on, he had a guitar draped around him, he had a chick with a leash around her neck, he was holding the chain.

“I was, like, ‘c’mon, man’ … Prince. I mean, it was over-the-top, it was something out of a movie,” Mourning continued. “And being a 23, 24-year-old kid, man, I was like, eyes like saucers. I was like, ‘wow, is this what it’s all about?'”

That’s when Mourning says with a laugh that he knew he had officially made it.