This New Story About The Time Prince Once Broke The Roots’ Guitar Is Yet Another Classic

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It seems that anyone and everyone who came into contact with Prince during his illustrious 57 years on this earth has at least one great story to tell, if not more.

From Dave Chappelle talking his jam sessions with the man to Samuel L. Jackson confirming the Charlie Murphy story to Snoop Dogg sharing how Prince taught him about threesomes to Tracy Morgan explaining how Prince once kicked him out of his own house the stories are endless and always entertaining.

And don’t even get people started on the many legendary tales of Prince and ping pong.

Now this week we can add one more classic Prince fable to the list thanks to Jimmy Fallon and The Roots’ appearance Wednesday night at the Paley Center for Media in New York.

Here’s how it went down, as reported by Variety

Fallon, Questlove and Trotter had a good chuckle at the memory of the time Prince stopped by “Late Night” to perform but his guitar tech forgot to actually bring his ax. Prince wound up borrowing a “beautiful” white Epiphone from Roots’ guitarist Captain Kirk Douglas. After a great performance, Prince “throws the guitar up to the crowd but there’s no one to catch it,” Fallon recalled. “It broke in half.” As Douglas watched in horror, Prince disappeared “in a puff of purple smoke,” Fallon said. “The next day we asked the camera crew for every angle on Kirk’s face” as the guitar flew up into the air, Questlove recalled. In the end, Prince made good and paid for the damaged guitar.

Everything about that story from the performance to him disappearing to making good on the damage is such vintage Prince. And it’s stories just like that that ensure the man is going to be missed for a very long time.

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