Alvin Kamara Had The Perfect Response To A Guy Complaining About All His Girlfriend Tweets

Alvin Kamara Response To Guy Complaining About His Girlfriend Tweets

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New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara is not your average human being. He lives life to the beat of his own drum and he’s capable of superhuman feats that the average Joe can only dream of accomplishing.

Kamara has only played two seasons in the NFL and yet stories about him are already becoming legend.

From his two full-length leg sleeve tattoos to what he does with his awards and how frugal he is with money to working blue collar jobs on his day off during the season, Kamara is the definition of unique.

And don’t even get me started on his insane offseason workout training program.

On top of all that, Kamara is also something of an expert at social media, joking with teammates about needing money and routinely trolling Twitter for girlfriends.

It’s that latter habit that seemingly got under the skin of one fan who wrote on Twitter, “Just read an article about @A_kamara6’s impressive offseason workout regiment but I wouldn’t know that here because all he tweets about is putting out notices he might steal everyone’s girlfriends. I’d love to join him when he does service in the community though.”

Apparently Kamara noticed the complaint and issued really the only response that was appropriate.

Nailed it.

This also led to a pretty awesome back and forth between the two men.

Alvin Kamara really is the best… in more ways than one.