Curling Doppelgangers Who Look Like Angelina Jolie And Andy Reid Have The Internet Seeing Double

Anastasia Bryzgalova Matt Hamilton curling doppelgangers

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First, Team USA curling competitor Matt Hamilton, who is competing with his sister Becca Hamilton in PyeongChang at the Winter Olympics (and trust me they are DEFINITELY brother and sister – more on that in a moment), was being compared to none other than Nintendo’s famous plumber Mario.

In fact, it was becoming such a thing that even Hamilton himself had to joke about the resemblance.

Oh, and here’s how we know for certain that Matt and Becca are siblings, courtesy of SNL’s Leslie Jones (who is killing it on Twitter again during the Olympics).

Now back to Matt and the internet’s fascination with his looking like Mario. Turns out that those comparisons were short-lived because the internet, being the fickle creature that it is, quickly decided that instead of Mario, Matt Hamilton actually bears a closer resemblance to Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

Even NFL Network’s Rich Eisen got in on it…

The world may never know, Tom.

Another thing the world may never know is whether or not it’s Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox who is also competing in curling for the Russian , err, independent team.

That’s because people on the internet can’t stop comparing 25-year-old Russian curler Anastasia Bryzgalova, who is married to her curling partner, to the two famous actresses.

The best part? They actually played each other with the American siblings defeating the Russian couple. Go figure huh?

I do have to admit, the resemblances are, at times, uncanny.

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Anastasia Bryzgalova Angelina Jolie curling

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