This Photo Of Andrew Luck Rocking Zip-Off Cargo Pants Belongs In A Museum

Andrew Luck zip-off cargo pants

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  • Andrew Luck proved he’s a fashion icon by wearing a pair of zip-off cargo pants in public
  • The retired quarterback rocked the slick threads during a surprise visit to a high school football team in Colorado
  • Read more about the QB here

One of the first things they teach in journalism school is the importance of focusing on the most intriguing aspects of whatever you’re tasked with covering in order to avoid “burying the lede,” which refers to the practice of hiding the most vital elements of a story deep inside an article or piece about it.

As someone who stumbled into a career in writing, I normally try to stray away from criticizing people who actually earned a degree in the subject after spending years studying the craft. However, it’s impossible for me to stay quiet after coming across one of the most egregious examples of journalistic malpractice I’ve ever encountered courtesy of a newspaper in Colorado.

Earlier this week, The Summit Daily News published an article about Andrew Luck surprising the varsity football team at Summit High School in Breckenridge last month. It’s actually a pretty cool story, as the retired quarterback received an invite to stop by a practice after meeting one of the team’s assistant coaches while vacationing at a nearby ski resort over the winter before giving him a call in July to see if the offer was still on the table.

However, the author who wrote it somehow managed to devote more than 1,000 words to recapping the visit without a single mention of what is objectively the biggest revelation: Andrew Luck is apparently a big fan of zip-off cargo pants.

They’re…they’re glorious.

Jonah Hill, Timothee Chalamet, and A$AP Rocky better watch their backs; there’s a new Fit God in town—and his name is Andrew Luck.

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