Andy Murray Accidentally Told The World That His Davis Cup Teammate Has A Side Chick On Live TV

Tennis star Andy Murray landed his Davis Cup teammate Dominic Inglot “in it” with some ill-advised comments during a post-match interview after Murray beat American John Isner to put Great Britain in the quarter finals. Whether or not he was joking, we’ll never know, but Murray seemed genuinely surprised to find out that Inglot has an actual girlfriend moments after he told reporters that Inglot would be celebrating the win with a chick he met in Glasgow.

This reveal took Inglot by surprise and it caused him, and everyone involved in the interview, to tell Murray that he “landed him in it.” Right. In. It.

I don’t know what the Brits consider as their “it” to land in, but where I come from, the only “it” Dominic Inglot could be referring to here is a world of shit. PURE SHIT.

Inglot later took to Twitter to let everyone know that Murray’s comments were just a gag.


Uh huh. Whatever you say, Bro.