Andy Reid Joins Special Teams Coaches Everywhere In Bashing NFL’s New Fair Catch Rule

NFL head coach Andy Reid

Getty Image / Justin Casterline

Roger Goodell and the NFL are implementing a rule change to special teams that has football coaches hot.

Specifically special teams coaches, as this rule directly impacts that part of the team.

This new rule is being put in place, as Goodell and the owner’s believe it will make the game safer.

Now, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid weighs in, and it turns out he hates the NFL’s new rule.

Owner’s agreed to a one year rule change that allows a fair catch caught between between the endzone and 25-yard line is treated as a touchback.

So, a fair catch caught in that area of the field automatically gives that team the ball at the 25-yard line.

Since the rule was implemented, special teams coaches around the league have voiced their displeasure. Here is The Pat McAfee Show discussing the topic on Tuesday.

It’s almost like the league is nearing a decision to remove kickoffs altogether. At least that’s the fear players, coaches, and fans have.

Andy Reid was asked about it and he frankly hates the idea. Here he is bashing the new rule for the 2023 season.

For now, this is a one year rule. Which means it’s basically a test run for the NFL. Regardless, coaches everywhere don’t like it one bit.

Additionally, it’s not like there aren’t other ways to make kickoffs safer. The XFL’s kickoff is a bit odd looking, but it seems to be a safer way to conduct a kickoff.

On the other hand, this rule removes strategy from special teams completely. Now, kickers will just be booting it as far as possible.

We’ll see how it plays out, but clearly, Andy Reid and tons of other coaches don’t like this rule change the NFL is implementing for the 2023 season.