Cardinals Respond After Andy Reid Blasts Team Over Turf Issue He Says Caused Multiple Injuries

Andy Reid Blames Turf At Cardinals Field For Multiple Chiefs Injuries

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Soldier Field has a long and storied history of drawing the ire of visiting players who feel its turf leaves plenty to be desired—an issue that was highlighted yet again when the Bears kicked off their season at home while grappling with the impressively muddy conditions that led to one of the stranger unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in recent memory.

However, Chicago is far from the only NFL team that’s found itself at the center of some unwanted controversy courtesy of an underwhelming playing surface.

The Chiefs suffered a couple of setbacks when they hit the road to face off against the Cardinals on Sunday in a game where cornerback Trent McDuffie suffered a hamstring injury that landed him on the IR and kicker Harrison Butker succumbed to the ankle issue that led to safety Justin Reid taking over some of his duties.

Both of those injuries occurred on seemingly routine plays, but there’s at least one high-profile name who believes the Cardinals are culpable based on what he had to say after the game.

Andy Reid was not happy with the conditions in Glendale

On Tuesday, Kansas City head coach Andy Reid told the Associated Press he believes recent resodding at State Farm Field contributed to both of those players being sidelined, saying:

“It was a little loose. That’s what happens sometimes when you re-sod. It’s part of the Butker injury and the McDuffie injury, and that’s unfortunate.

The turf picked up, and I would tell you that did have something to do with it. If it didn’t, I’d tell you that, too. It’s not an excuse by any means. But you all see it when you watch the tape.”

It didn’t take long for the home team to respond and, well, it’s safe to say there’s a difference of opinions on this particular matter.

It’s safe to say the Cardinals did not agree with his assessment of the situation

After Reid’s comments started making the rounds, Cardinals spokesperson Mark Dalton reached out to Pro Football Talk to defend the honor of Arizona’s field while attempting to rebut Reid’s claims:

“The entire field was replaced on Monday, August 22nd — the day after the last home preseason game vs. Baltimore — so it had it almost three full weeks before the Week One game vs. Kansas City. That’s more than enough time for the Tifway Bermuda 419 hybrid sod to take root, especially in 109 degrees and abundant sunshine.

“The field at State Farm Stadium is routinely ranked among the best — if not THE best — among NFL players, including in surveys conducted by the NFLPA.

Like all fields, the surface at State Farm Stadium undergoes the NFL’s required testing and certification process both before and after games. Sunday it not only met but exceeded those standards.”

The fact that the Cardinals play on natural turf theoretically gives Arizona an inherent edge over the 16 teams that have the artificial surfaces the NFLPA maintains are more conducive to injury.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s no credence to Reid’s claims concerning this particular contest, and it will be worth keeping an eye on future games to see if it becomes a recurring issue.

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