Fans Are Loving Annie Agar’s Latest Viral Video

Annie Agar at the race track.

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NFL and college football personality Annie Agar is going viral once again for her hilarious social media sketches. The football correspondent recently posted a comical preview of the upcoming NFL draft.

Fans online have been quick to comment on the clip, which takes light-hearted jabs at Aaron Rodgers, Ohio State, the entire NFC North, and more.

Agar has gained notoriety for these football sketches, which often mock notable programs and organizations at both the college and professional level. Her topped pinned clip on Twitter picks fun at the Big Ten and a theoretical Zoom meeting back in 2020.

As her fame grows, these sketches have become more popular and mainstream. She’s also seen her fanbase balloon to more than 426K followers on Twitter and just under 200K on Instagram.

Both profiles show off her sense of humor, as well as moments from her personal life, though she typically doesn’t stray far from the realm of sports.


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On Wednesday, Agar posted a funny video clip previewing the upcoming NFL Draft. It’s already got football fans talking on social media.

In the sketch, she takes shots at Aaron Rodgers, whose offseason saga finally ended just this week. He’ll now join the Jets with intentions of being the starting signal caller in 2023.

She also called out the Lions, Zach Wilson, Mac Jones, and Panthers, who have the No. 1 pick.

Take a look.

Fans began posting their reactions to the clip in the comments section as they pointed out their favorites quips of the sketch.

One person wrote, “The ‘Wanna bet?’ to the Lions was perfect.” Members of Detroit’s roster were recently suspended for gambling.

Someone else caught a movie reference and posted, “The Draft Day joke at the end was an excellent touch.”

This fan said, “It was the Mac Jones slander for me.”

The overwhelming response was one of enjoyment.

The NFL Draft kicks off Thursday night with the first round of picks. These storylines, and more, will be fun to follow in the coming days.