These Anonymous Confessions Prove Bros Love College Football More than Life

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College football is back, yesterday the week 2 rankings came out and my alma mater Florida State Seminoles are still in top at #1, and all is right in the world.
Since I’m a new transplant around here after the recent Guyism merger, I’ll take this opportunity to tell you all that I’m a FSU grad and that’s really the only thing you need to know about me during college football season. That’s my identity from September through January. College football is life.

In the past here on BroBible we’ve touched on the anonymous confession app Whisper, where anyone and everyone has the opportunity to upload whatever thoughts may strike them. Today, we see a large collection of anonymous confessions about college football that proves (most) bros do in fact care more about college football than life, and that college football in general drums up some pretty damn weird thoughts in people.

Getting stoned watching college football ... Wish I had a cuddle buddy ... All these women in EL & not one for me (damn!!!!!!)

I always feel like I'm better then everyone else, because I played college football, and I hate myself for that

College Football season will buy my wife some time in this marriage.

I overdosed on heroin 3 years ago today. Been clean ever since, but I can't run anymore and my balance sorta sucks... I was supposed to be a college football player the morning of my accident :(

I'm a man, and I love laying around naked, drinking and watching college football!!!!!  no shame!!!!

I really hate fanatic college football fans that didn't even go to college or live in that area. Some of these people talk down about my school's team, but you picked a team that's been winning your whole life. I picked a team that gave me an education.

Getting stoned watching college football ... Wish I had a cuddle buddy ... All these women in EL & not one for me (damn!!!!!!)

The more enthusiastic about college football you are, the lower I estimate your IQ
What a jackass this person must be…

I love college football, but I also hate college football. Every time the camera pans onto the cheerleaders I feel a pang if sadness, because I'm never going to get to have sex with women that attractive.
Dude, you should have gone to FSU. It was like heaven….glory days…

I have to work almost every saturday until december. I'm thinking about quitting my job so I can watch college football. Go FSU!!

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