Soccer Fans Are Trying To Figure Out Which Premier League Player Is Moonlighting As A Masked Rapper

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Most professional athletes are pretty content with devoting most of their time and energy to the sport that allows them to live the enviable lifestyle that typically accompanies that particular line of work, but there are more than a few who’ve tried to branch out a bit over the course of their career.

That includes a number of notable names who’ve tried to make a mark in the music industry, including Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, Damian Lillard, and a handful of other NBA players who’ve embraced rapping as a side hustle.

Now, a new challenger has entered the arena in the form of an unnamed Premier League player known only as DIDE, who has attracted the attention of plenty of online detectives after dropping a music video for a track dubbed “Thrill” where he uses a fairly unnerving mask to obscure his identity.

The soccer player’s alter ego joined Instagram earlier this year after creating an account with a bio that reads “Rapper at home, Footballer on the pitch,” and plenty of fans have started to dissect his posts, lyrics, and the visuals in the aforementioned videos for clues that could reveal who he really is.

It didn’t take long for people to begin sharing various theories about DIDE’s true identity, including those who pointed out Manchester United’s Jadon Sancho had worn the same coat as the rapper and plenty of others who’ve suggested it’s Crystal Palace forward Wilfried Zaha.

However, the primary suspect appears to be Arsenal’s Eddie Nketiah based on a number of clues including a wrist tattoo, previously released videos where the striker has shown off his freestyling skills, and what many people have claimed is the true smoking gun: the fact that his first name is comprised of the same letters that make up “DIDE.”

There’s no telling if he (or someone else) will come forward to officially confirm who’s behind the mask, but it’s hard to imagine it’s going to remain a secret for much longer.

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