Anthony Richardson Gives Himself An Out Of This World Comparison Ahead Of NFL Draft

Anthony Richardson

Getty Image / James Gilbert

With the NFL Draft just days away, teams across the league are finalizing their draft boards.

Anthony Richardson has been one of the top names throughout the entire offseason, as he’s an exciting young prospect.

The main reason so many are drooling over him as a quarterback prospect is due to his athletic abilities. Especially after proving to be one of, if not, the most athletic quarterback to participate in the combine.

Many have compared him to the likes of Mike Vick, Lamar Jackson, and many other talented athletic quarterbacks. However, Anthony Richardson provides a unique comparison of his own.

During a conversation with NFL reporter Cameron Wolfe, Richardson was asked about his unique athleticism. Mainly due to the fact “he was graded as the most athletic quarterback tested at the NFL Scouting Combine since at least 1987,” per Wolfe.

For that reason, Anthony Richardson doesn’t think he’s comparable to anyone who has played in the NFL before. Instead, he thinks of himself more as “an alien.”

“As a player, I’m not human. I’m an alien. I don’t think I can be compared to anybody.”

So, Anthony Richardson doesn’t shy away from his out-of-this-world abilities on the football field. However, he views himself as a regular, everyday person outside of the sport.

“As a person, I’m normal — just a fun-loving guy who likes to make people smile.”

Despite the excitement generated around Anthony Richardson, many are still unclear whether or not he can play quarterback at the professional level.

He has limited game experience in college. Additionally, there were certainly some mistakes seen in his ability as a passer.

Regardless, Richardson seems dedicated to showing the improvement everyone hopes to see, per Cameron Wolfe.

“I know I have to get better. But I promise, I will work relentlessly to improve. And I will improve. All you need to do is watch the tape to know my best is still yet to come.”

Assuming he’ll be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft, tune in on Thursday to see where Anthony Richardson is drafted.