Police Say Antonio Brown Has Locked Himself Inside His House To Avoid Being Questioned About An Alleged Battery

antonio brown locked inside house battery

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It’s been a little over a year since trouble started brewing in Pittsburgh after Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger got into a heated dispute that would eventually lead to the wide receiver demanding a trade and the Steelers would ultimately grant his request when they shipped him off to Oakland for a couple of draft picks.

It initially appeared the Raiders had gotten an absolute steal, and while they knew they were taking a chance by adding a notorious drama queen to their roster, it seemed like a solid risk to take given the potential payoff.

At the time, most people looked at Brown the same way they look at a zany character on a sitcom who has a tendency to engage in harmless antics that cause his friends to put their hands on their hips and proclaim “Not again, Antonio!” while the studio audience howls in approval.

However, it soon became clear that Brown’s shenanigans weren’t as cheeky and fun as they appeared and that his behavior was much crueler and more tragic than almost anyone could’ve guessed.

The wideout’s stint in the Bay Area came to an end thanks to a rapidly escalating temper tantrum over a helmet that led to him being released, and while he managed to find a new home with the Patriots, he only played a single game for New England before he was cut yet again after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct.

Since then, Brown has been a constant fixture in the headlines thanks to his erratic behavior and inability to stay off of social media, and while he’s attempted to get back into the league, he’s repeatedly pulled a Plaxico Burress by hampering his return with a series of self-inflicted wounds.

The NFL is still looking into the accusations that led to his de facto suspension but Brown has also found himself at the center of multiple run-ins involving law enforcement stemming back to an incident last month when he filmed himself yelling at police who had been called to diffuse a domestic dispute.

Officers in Hollywood, Florida were called to his house yet again earlier this month over another incident involving him and ex-girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss that resulted in the city’s police department putting him on blast and returning the money he’d donated to its youth football league.

On Tuesday, officers found themselves descending upon Brown’s mansion yet again after the driver of a moving truck called in and claimed he’d been beaten up and robbed by the embattled player and his trainer Glenn Holt.

Holt was arrested and charged with “burglary with batter” but police were unable to contact Brown, and according to USA Today, the reason they haven’t succeeded in questioning him is that he’s locked himself inside his house to avoid investigators:

Multiple attempts by police to contact him were unsuccessful as of Wednesday morning, and [public information officer Christian] Lata said he “locked himself in his house.” Police reiterated the investigation is ongoing and said more information will be available later Wednesday.

I wish Brown the best of luck by doing what is essentially the grown-up equivalent of closing your eyes and covering your ears while repeatedly saying “I can’t hear you!” but the strategy he’s using is only effective to a point where the cops show up to your door with a search warrant and a battering ram.