Antonio Brown Takes His ‘No More White Woman 2020’ Campaign To Next Level, Releases Bizarre Promotional Image

Antonio Brown

Getty Image / John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe

Antonio Brown’s very public and prolonged descent into becoming a living meme has take another step forward today, as the former All-Pro wide receiver has continued his “No More White Woman 2020” social media campaign by releasing a promotional image that he called a “teaser” for his new album.

Brown — the former Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, and New England Patriots wide receiver — has been teasing the release of a rap album with mid-2000s B-list artist Sean Kingston since October, as he even went as far as releasing a clip of his song “Bad Decisions”. Naturally, it is as awful as you imagined it would be.

Now, the release of his “album” seems to be tied into another bizarre social media trend of Brown’s in recent weeks, his “No More White Woman 2020” campaign.

What first began with a tweet on Thursday, December 13 has become an apparent running joke of Brown’s, as he has repeated the phrase on social media a handful of times since.

The former receiver and current rapper didn’t stop with simple tweets, though, as he posted what amounts to a promotional image for the “campaign” on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon.

Given his increasingly bizarre behavior on social media, the chances of Brown ever suiting up in the National Football League again seem to dwindle with every passing day. While the former Pro Bowl wideout was once considered to be one of the best players in the entire league, his pattern of behavior over the last year has made him too big of a risk for teams to legitimately consider signing him.


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