Antonio Brown Had An Incredibly Entertaining Interaction With A Pregnant Reporter After Making An Appearance In Court

antonio brown pregnant reporter interaction deposition

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It’s safe to say it’s been a bit of a rough week (and month and also year) for Antonio Brown, who found himself without a home in the NFL for the second time in a laughably short span after the Patriots decided he wasn’t worth the trouble and released him last Friday.

While common knowledge dictates you shouldn’t burn bridges after being let go, the wide receiver decided to go scorched earth over the weekend when he fired a shot at Robert Kraft over his love of massage parlors (which was an interesting strategy when you consider multiple women have accused Brown of sexual misconduct).

On Monday, Brown’s shitty week got even shittier when a judge ordered him to appear in a Miami court on Tuesday to give a deposition in relation to a lawsuit that was filed against him last year after he allegedly trashed a condo and threw furniture off of the balcony (which was captured on video that leaked this morning).

It’s unclear how things went for Brown in the courthouse today, but based on some footage taken outside of it, he appeared to be in pretty good spirits and even engaged in an amusing back-and-forth with Liane Morejon, a pregnant reporter who was assigned to cover the story.

Based on another video of Morejon chasing after Brown, she’s doing that job very, very well.

I’m glad Brown is in good spirits now because he probably won’t be when he realizes how much money this whole thing (not to mention his other legal matters) is going to cost him.

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