Antonio Brown Releases Rap Song ‘Whole Lotta Money’ And Gets Instantly Roasted By The Internet

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Unemployed wide receiver Antonio Brown is apparently a rapper now.

Last week, Brown worked out with the New Orleans Saints in a last ditch effort to play this season but the team decided not to sign him. Brown then went on an unhinged rant blasting the Saints for using him as a publicity stunt.


“I really am at peace. I just don’t like the lack of respect in the world,” Brown said in the video, which he filmed while working out on an exercise machine. “Everyone has deadlines, but I guess the NFL don’t have a deadline for me. So I appreciate [Saints coach] Sean Payton and them guys for supporting me to bring me out to work out. But I think it was a publicity stunt for them. Sean Payton knows the feeling of being left behind.

“But it is what it is. … I’m not gonna make excuses. I’m just gonna keep competing to be the difference, ‘cuz I know I’m the difference.”

Now that Brown is definitely not playing this year he’s trying out a new music career and released his first single “Whole lotta money”.

Fans weren’t feeling AB’s new song and instantly roasted him on Twitter.