Arch Manning Benched After 1st Quarter Of Game Because He’d Already Thrown 5 Touchdowns

Arch Manning Benched Touchdowns

Twitter / Fox 8 News

Arch Manning – nephew of Peyton and Eli Manning – is a touchdown machine. But will Cooper Manning’s son be the greatest Manning to ever play football?

There’s still a long way to go for the 6-3″, 195-pound phenom but the kid is lighting it up at the high school level.

In his season debut, Manning threw for six touchdowns in just three quarters and picked up 3 TDs a week later, one by trucking over a defender like Uncle Peyton in that SNL United Way skit.

This week, Arch got benched for being too damn good.

Manning completed 9-of-11 pass attempts for 169 yards and five touchdowns, all in the first quarter, and then his night was over.

Newman won 76-0.

Watching the highlights, Manning’s teammates did a lot of the work, but the mere fact that the prodigy was behind center is enough to make the average high school athlete just want to hit the busses early.

The bullet over the middle was pretty sweet though.

Isidore Newman High School is now 6-0 on the season.

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