A Pro Football League Is Already Trying To Lure Tom Brady Out Of Retirement

Tom Brady runs off the field.

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Tom Brady announced his shocking decision retire from football on Wednesday, but that hasn’t stopped one notable professional league from making its pitch to bring the talented passer in.

Brady might be done with the NFL, but if the Arena Football League has its way, he’ll be suiting up for the 2023 season.

TB12 is considered the greatest player in NFL history. The seven-time Super Bowl champ led championship squads with both the Bucs and Patriots. He won three league MVPs and threw for more than 89,000 yards and 649 scores.

With New England, Brady teamed up with Bill Belichick to bring home six titles. Whether the coach or QB was more important to that Patriots dynasty is still up for debate.

He then moved on to Tampa Bay, where he led the Bucs to the playoffs three times, including one Super Bowl run.

Unfortunately, last year didn’t go according to plan as he posted his first losing season as a starter. He then saw an early exit from the postseason following a blowout loss to the Cowboys.

Many wondered whether or not he’d return to the NFL for a 24th season. Tom Brady put that speculation to rest with his retirement announcement this week.

“I’m retiring… for good.”

Last year we saw Brady retire only to return a few weeks later. That doesn’t seem to be the case this time around, but there’s still one professional football league holding out hope.

The Arena Football League made its pitch to lure the passer back to the playing field. It posted a message on Twitter with the caption, “Hey Tom Brady, open to one last comeback?”

Fans were quick to comment.

One person wrote, “How awesome would that be?” Another commented, “This needs to happen.”

Of course, not many believe there’s much of a chance that Brady takes them up on that offer.

This fan said, “There’s shooting your shot and then there is just embarrassing yourself.”

After shutting down in 2019, the AFL announced Wednesday that it plans to rev things back up in 2024. That would make Brady 50 years old during its comeback season.

If there’s anyone that can do it, it’s Brady. That might be a bit much to ask, even for the GOAT.