Arizona Cardinals Fan Gets Super Bowl 50 Tattoo – This Oughta End Well

A confidant Arizona Cardinals got a Super Bowl 50 tattoo. Seems like a super prudent decision since it worked out so well for this Philadelphia Eagles fan, this Detroit Lions fan, this Houston Texans fan, this Seattle Seahawks fan who attempted to remove his tattoo with sandpaper.

The premature celebratory tattoos are not a fantastic idea. But I’m all for letting people make their own mistakes that will linger with them for their entire life. Plus its great fodder for an article.

Jose Soberanes is the latest fanatic to place supreme faith in his team before they won it all. The die-hard Cardinals fan got a Super Bowl 50 tattoo despite that Arizona hasn’t won their Conference Championship game against the Carolina Panthers.

“We were thinking about it and I was like, bro, what if I get the Super Bowl tattoo? And he was like, seriously? And I was like, what if I do it? I was like, would you be down to do it and he was like, yeah and I was like, it’s on! There’s no going back, we’re doing it,” Soberanes told Fox 10 Phoenix.

But the best part may be the catchy “He’s been inking what we’ve all been thinking” meme that soon followed.

I guess “He’s tattooing even though the Cardinals probably aren’t coming throughing” was taken.

“Everyone’s going to like it, even though some people may not, and some people may say that I jinxed them, but I don’t think I did, because at the end of the day, when they take it home, I’m going to be so happy, extremely happy that I got it,” Soberanes said.

So there you have it folks, “everybody’s going to like it, even though some people may not.” Spoken like a true intellectual who gets a Super Bowl tattoo even though his team has yet to make it to the Super Bowl.

Go Panthers!


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