NFL World Dunks On Jerry Jones For Building A $1B Stadium That Blinds Players With Sunlight

NFL World Mocks AT&T Stadium For Blinding Players With Sunlight


  • Despite costing over $1 billion to build, AT&T Stadium is riddled with design flaws.
  • Because the stadium was built East-to-West, sunlight pours into the stadium and onto the field.
  • This issue was on show for the entire country to see during Sunday’s Wild Card game between the Cowboys and 49ers.

During Sunday’s Wild Card game between the #3 seed Dallas Cowboys and the #6 seed San Francisco 49ers, there were a handful of occasions in which players were being blinded by the sun.

AT&T Stadium was built in an East-West direction, so there are certain hours where the sunlight pours through the massive windows and onto the field, occasionally obstructing the players’ eyesight. In addition to the sun problem, AT&T Stadium famously has a massive scoreboard screen that can be hit by punts.

Because the internet always gets a kick out of dunking on Jerry Jones, football fans took to Twitter to clown on the fact that Jerry paid $1.3 billion to build a stadium with such glaring (bonus points for the pun) design flaws.

Should the 49ers beat the Cowboys, they’ll head up to Wisconsin to take on presumed (and defending) NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers and the #1 seed Green Bay Packers, who earned a Wild Card weekend bye thanks to their 13-4 regular-season record. The winner of the game between the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals will then take on the #2 seed Buccaneers in Tampa Bay.

Meanwhile, in the AFC, both the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills advanced to the Divisional Round thanks to their victories on Saturday over the Las Vegas Raiders and New England Patriots, respectively. On Sunday night, the #7 seed Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the #2 seed Kansas City Chiefs. If the Chiefs win — which they should do, consider they’re favored by 13 points — they’ll host the #3 seed Bills next weekend, while the Bengals will travel to Nashville to take on the #1 seed Tenessee Titans, who are currently enjoying their bye week.

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