Ayesha Curry Got ROASTED On Twitter After Posting This Lame AF Tweet After The Cavaliers Won Game 7



Ayesha Curry has once again become the talk of the NBA town because of her Twitter antics, and while her rant over the officiating during Game 6 of the NBA Finals may go down in history as one of the biggest crybaby moments in sports, it doesn’t even compare to the roasting she got for the following tweet about the Golden State Warriors losing Game 7:

This is coming from the woman who threw rocks at LeBron for taking the “high road” after Klay questioned his manhood – yeah, that’s real genuine for sure. Steph has said before that he might have to cut the wifi off at his house to keep Ayesha from putting her foot in her mouth online, however that won’t stop people from calling her out on how uncharacteristically lame that above tweet was:

Ouch. Better luck next season, Ayesha.

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