Let’s Expose Some Of The Awful Takes (In Hindsight) Immediately Following The Raptors Trade For Kawhi Leonard

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Raptors are your 2019 NBA Champions. After the Philadelphia 76ers took them down to the wire and the Milwaukee Bucks nearly buried them after going up 2-0, Kawhi Leonard and company bested an injury-ridden but very capable dynasty to win the franchise’s first NBA title. This league, man.

The Raptors organization had to make some difficult and publicly opposed moves to reach their destiny (and most importantly, their father, LeBron James, took himself out of contention), but the risk was handsomely rewarded. Who would have thought? Well, in hindsight, not many people. Myself included!

A fun game is to look back at all the pundits, talking heads and Twitter eggs declaring the DeRozan-for-Kawhi trade to be the worst thing to happen to Canada since the maple syrup shortage of 1937. Below, I’ve compiled some of the most prideful, hard-headed takes as evidence that none of us really know what the fuck we’re talking about. Enjoy.

With so much uncertainty looming this offseason, the breeding grounds for more awful takes is fertile. And I, for one, cannot wait to expose them.