Baker Mayfield Says Booing Fans Don’t Bother Him, Immediately Throws Shade At Booing Fans

Baker Mayfield responds booing fans

Getty Image / Jason Miller

  • Cleveland Browns fans were booing Baker Mayfield on Sunday for a poor performance against the league-worst Detroit Lions
  • Baker was asked about the boos and told reporters that it doesn’t bother him and then immediately threw some shade at the fans who boo
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The Cleveland Browns beat the Detroit Lions on Sunday in a close and ugly game. The Browns are in last place in their division but only a game out of 1st place in the tightly-contested AFC North and Cleveland fans wanted to see their team blow out the winless Lions on Sunday.

Instead of a blowout, Browns fans witness Baker Mayfield struggle and throw for 176 yards, 1 touchdown, and 2 interceptions (15-for-29 completions). All 13 points scored by the Browns came in the 2nd quarter and the Lions put up 10 points in the second half to make it a close game but the Browns ended up winning 13-10 in a game that wasn’t at all what Cleveland fans expected to see.

Boos from Cleveland Browns fans were raining down on Baker Mayfield and the offense and after the game, Baker was asked about this. He said the boos don’t bother him at all but in the same breath, he threw shade at the fans who boo. Then fans on both sides of the booing discussion took up the argument on Twitter with some hot takes below. This all came a few days after Baker Mayfield’s wife took a shot at his teammates on Instagram.

When Baker was asked about the boos he said they don’t bother him and he just tries to tune them out but then he immediately added this:

Cleveland Browns fans were quick to give their two cents on that quote from Baker Mayfield:

Baker Mayfield has been facing boos from the fans for years. This is from back in 2019:

The Cleveland Browns rode a 1-31 (win-loss) record before Baker Mayfield arrived and booing the team back then was perfectly reasonable. Booing him now? In a win? It feels like the booing fans aren’t ready to move on from the era when the Browns couldn’t win a game.

I’m not here to lecture anyone about sports but if your team is winning, and they’ve already won more games this season than they did in multiple years combined, then you’re probably someone who enjoys booing and the exact type of fan that Baker Mayfield called out above.