Some Random Chick Is Airing Baker Mayfield’s Dirty Laundry On Twitter

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If the seminal 2009 rap song “Loyal” featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga by Chris Brown has taught us anything, it’s that these hoes ain’t loyal (those are rap lyrics, not my actual opinion, please take up your grievances with Mr. Brown).

Just as people were beginning to forget the shit storm of a season that former #1 overall NFL Draft pick Baker Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns had this past year, some random chick named Kacie has come out of the woodwork on Twitter to slam the former Heisman Trophy winner and University of Oklahoma star by claiming she gave him “head” in his “back seat” (again, their words, not mine, kindly direct your frustration through the proper channels).

She wasn’t done there, though, as not only did she let everyone know that Mayfield blocked her on Twitter and that she apparently gave him head, but she came ready with the receipts, as she tweeted what appears to be a video of Mayfield sending her a selfie on Snapchat.

While this is clearly a he-said vs. she-said scenario — leaving no way to determine what’s fact and what’s fiction — one thing is certainly true: whatever it is that Mayfield did to this girl, she’s prepared to pubically drag him for it on the internet.

Mayfield and his wife Emily Wilkinson got married in July of last year, so obviously, the Browns QB is going to have some explaining to do tonight regardless of what may or may not have actually happened.

Let this be a lesson to all of you young guns out there with a girlfriend: DELETE SNAPCHAT.


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