Baker Mayfield’s Wife Doesn’t Have Time For His Or The Browns Fair-Weather Fans

baker mayfield wife no time for fairweather fans

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The Browns won a football game on Sunday snapping their four-game winning streak with a 19-16 win over the Bills, plus, Baker Mayfield didn’t turn the ball over one single time.

As you might imagine, Browns fans were in a bad spot before their team finally pulled out a win and didn’t look totally inept out on the field. Cleveland fans were excited about the win, seeing as how it was the first time they could be excited about this football team since they beat the Jets in the second game of the season, but Mayfield’s wife, Emily, doesn’t care for those fair-weather fans jumping back on the bandwagon.

She wrote as much in a post on her Instagram story saying “Fair weather fans are HILARIOUS to me. Get out of here lollllll.”


So, it appears as if Emily is mad at the fact Brown’s fans have come out and supported the team and her quarterback husband who entered the game with just seven touchdowns and 12 interceptions on the year. That seems a little over the top, but Emily can obviously say what she wants.

The Browns were losing fans all over the place thanks to Freddie Kitchens , Mayfield’s performance and just bad play up-front on the offensive line and now Mayfield’s wife simply has no time for fans that wrote off this still bad, out of the playoff picture right now team.

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Emily is a special correspondent for the Cleveland station WKYC meaning she definitely knows what’s going on around the city and with its fan base outside of being Baker’s wife.

The Browns are now 3-6 on the season and welcome the Steelers to town on Thursday night.