Pitchers At The Olympics Are Being Driven To The Mound In A Baseball Mitt Car

olympic baseball pitchers baseball mit car

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  • Pitchers in the Olympics are being driven out to the mound in an unbelievable baseball mitt vehicle.
  • We now must have these baseball mitt cars in every MLB stadium.
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Baseball pitchers at the Tokyo Olympics are getting spoiled. Instead of having to jog to the mound from the bullpen, they’re getting to take a ride in a kick-ass car that has a baseball mitt for a backseat.

During the opening round game between South Korea and Israel on Thursday, Israel made a call to the pen, and the next thing they knew the relief pitcher was being driven to the mound sitting in a gigantic baseball mitt.

It’s not some small custom golf cart or anything either, this thing is even COVID friendly as there is plenty of space between the driver in the front seat and the pitcher in the backseat.

The vehicle even has a digital message board in the front reminding everyone in Tokyo that they are indeed in Tokyo. There is no such thing as too many Toky advertisements at the Tokyo Games.

Also, you may have noticed the floor on the vehicle. It’s astroturfed and it appears to have a legitimate baseball diamond drawn on it. These guys literally thought of everything.

After seeing this thing, every MLB team should be required to have one. Each team can design it however it wants to, but these things should be mandatory. At the end of the day, all it would do is speed up the game a little bit, which is something everyone can get on board with.