Bears DT Lashes Out At Packers Fans, ‘Half Of Them Don’t Even Know Football’

Bears DT Justin Jones

Getty Image / Michael Reaves

It’s no secret that the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers have one of the biggest rivalries in American sports.

However, it’s been a bit one-sided over the past decade, as Aaron Rodgers has basically owned the Bears throughout his career.

With that in mind, Packers fans have a certain confidence level when it comes to the Bears.

And from the sounds of it, defensive tackle Justin Jones is growing tired of the Green Bay fanbase.

During a press conference, Jones was asked about his team’s chances are against the Packers now that Aaron Rodgers is out of the picture.

He boldly claimed he wishes Rodgers was still in Green Bay, as the Bears’ defensive tackle seeks revenge.

However, things took a weird turn when Jones started lashing out at Packers fans. He called them “s*****” and “obnoxious” before claiming “Half of them don’t even know football.”

Here is his entire response, via Ari Meirov.

Clearly, Justin Jones has some bad blood with the Green Bay fanbase. I mean, it’s not really all that uncommon.

We hear from players complain about fanbases all of the time. So, this is nothing new.

Despite that, it sort of came out of nowhere. Especially considering the Bears have a chance to compete in the NFC North, as the division is ripe for the taking.

So, why call out Packers fans now? In June? After doing nothing but lose to that franchise over and over again?

We may not receive any answers for those questions, but Packers fans were quick to respond to the Bears’ defensive tackle.

Someone might need to alert Cold Takes Exposed.

Justin Jones clearly does not lack confidence.

But hey, maybe the Bears can finally get a win over the Packers now that Aaron Rodgers is out of the picture.

If not, this clip will probably go viral again later in the 2023 season.