Ben Roethlisberger Doesn’t Plan To Mentor Mason Rudolph Because He’s Annoyed The Steelers Drafted A QB

Ben Roethlisberger comments Antonio Brown sideline tantrum

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For the past few years, Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger has contemplated retiring from the game of football. Considering that these may be the final years of Big Ben’s career the Steelers decided to draft Oklahoma State QB Mason Rudolph in the third round of last week’s draft. For whatever reason, Big Ben seems annoyed that the team drafted Rudolph,

Here’s Ben Roethlisberger talking about the Mason Rudolph situation yesterday on 93.7 The Fan.

Via Bleacher Report

“I was surprised they took a QB because I thought maybe in the third round you can get some really good players that can help this team win now. Nothing against Mason I think he is a great player. I don’t know him personally but I’m sure he is a great kid. I just don’t know how backing up or being the third, who knows where he’s going to fall in the depth chart but helps us win now but that’s not my decision to make that’s all the coaches and the GM and owner…if they feel like he can help our team, so be it but I was a little surprised.”

Regarding Rudolph’s comment that it isn’t up to Roethlisberger to mentor him, the Steelers’ starting quarterback said, “If he asks me a question, I might just have to point to the playbook.”

Not sure why Ben is salty about the team drafting a QB but if it was obviously the right move for the team.

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